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Insult after Insult, Dis after Dis
Their words scramble in my head like a flock of birds after a gunshot
Their hate falls like sheets of snow
Burying me alive
Falling off the ladder of life
Crumbling to the ground like crumbs off of this monsters lunch
They feed
Feed off of the misery of the small
My soul, flouting around like a plastic bag in the wind
Bound to get caught
Caught in the fence between dented and damaged
I shatter like china
Dropped off the edge of my sanity
Driving me insane…
Mad like a hatter- 10/4   10/6
A world so impure
You may seem lost right now, but imagine your life as it was before
Eventually you stop caring
Their fire dims from lack of pain-filled oxygen
So think a little hard, look a little closer
You’re strong
Never forget it, stand tall
Tomorrow is a new day
You will end up on top, if you never let them see you fall…
Fueled by hate they take
Take away confidence
Take away happiness
Take away strength

Chipping away at your spirit
They push you till you break
Words like weights
Piling up on your shoulders

Their whispers a plague
Spreading like wildfire
They burn you down
Laughter behind closed doors….

Looks like sticks
Names like stones
What sounds like a whisper?
Feels like a yell

But the pain will fade away
And your strength will shine through
Get back up with your head held high
Be the bright light in a dark world

Although it takes time
Although it takes effort
Although it takes strength
A clear sky can appear from behind dark clouds
I knew her
A raven in a flock of pigeons she was unique
Though small she was large
Bigger than the box society tried to push and shove her back into
She was poked and prodded with the sharp standards of her peers
But seemed to never bleed
I knew her
Soft and childlike
Words blew by like they had no meaning
Simple phrases unheard of
She seemed immune to their venom
But I knew her
It was a shell
Tinted glass soul
A border between appearance and reality
She was broken
Held together with scotch tape and glue
Heart like a last minute craft
Thrown together
Made to hold just long enough to be presented
And it did
She hid away her Popsicle stick heart
But I knew her
And she was the only one that knew me


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Ty Jones
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Hey! My name's Ty. I'm an aspiring writer (Poems and short stories) and a huge dork :3 I'm gonna post as often as I can soooo yeahh. Also my old account was xxblueeyedravenxx but i deactivated it


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